Product Design

Metaverse Product

Our Role
Product Designer & Developer
July-Dec 2022

AFKDAO - Metaverse Gateway

Members of metaverse gateway can mint badges that give them access to game asset NFTs at an early stage through IGO Launchpad.

Project Description

Whitelisted guilds and pro-gamers would be enabled to launch their own staking pools where NFT owners can loan their game assets and earn yields from different games and play-to-earn strategies. Via our delegator protocol, anyone with ERC-721 or ERC-1155 game assets can easily become on-chain leasable. 

Since we have designed the Metaverse platform, programmers can now turn their skills into an income stream as the platform is a building a gateway for anyone to easily participate in play-to-earn, while projects can bootstrap their economies.

Technical Stacks

- Use React as the main system framework

- Use React-Redux as the data warehouse in the system,

- Use React Context Hooks to provide real-time data refresh function for the system

- Use Web3-React ethers.js to interact with wallet and contract docking

- Use Styled-Components for style component implementation

- Use EsList to unify the coding styleUse husky to make commit specs

Issues & Solutions

Issue 1: Integer overflow occurs during contract interaction

Solution: Determine the size of the display unit on the page through communication with the product, and implement helper.js, which mainly uses the unit conversion function that comes with ethers.js

Issue 2: Slow loading of data in the project

Solution: By optimizing the contract, learn the multicall technology of uniswap, and finally implement your own functions to solve the problem.