Web3 Smart Wallet

Our Role
Web3 Developer
Apr-Aug 2022

Layer2 Smart Wallet

Smart Contract Integration: Contract Address will be generated and distributed when the user interact with wallet account (fund deposit, withdraw, transfer etc)

Non Custodial : Full control over the funds

Blockchain Agnostic : Interact with multiple networks

Multisig : Allow one or more co-payers to sign a transaction to send funds from the wallet.

Gasless Signature : Zero-gas signatures achieved by signing off-chain.

Layer2 Support: zkSync, Artbitrum, Polygon

MultiChain Integration: Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot

DEFI protocol integrated BNPL mechanism, offer significant cost savings to all participants in the ecosystem through smart contracts.

User can Stake approved stable coin and receive governance tokens as added bonus.